RBF Staff Biographies

Sandra Rose (Sandi)

Member/Manager of Rose's Berry Farm Sandi has been a driving force at RBF for 33 years since her marriage to Henry Rose. Her marketing savvy has led to innovations such as Breakfast with a View and Fall School Tours. She takes great pride in knowing the farm has become a local institution and place where families can enjoy time together and help preserve Connecticut Farmlands. Sandi has a degree in Biology from the University of Hartford.   


Michael Draghi (Mike)

Farm Manager since 2009, Mike took over Operations duties after Henry’s passing. Mike comes from a local farming family, and with wife Mary Beth, also runs Littel Acres Farm in Glastonbury. They grow apples, peaches, plums, tomatoes and other crops. Mike does it all, from plowing and planting to equipment repair, delivering products and coordinating work with the other field employees.



Wenceslas Contreras (Winnie)

Winnie has worked for RBF for 19 years, and is our Farm Stand Operations Manager. He oversees all the agricultural and operational work, from planting in the spring, setting up and repairing irrigation, plowing and anything else that needs to be done. He also fills in at the register when needed and helps customers get what they need. He does all this with great enthusiasm, charm and a gentle nature we all appreciate and love.


Elpidio Trejo-Ramirez

Elpidio has also been here about 19 years and is our Farmers’ Market Manager. He is a relentless force for RBF and represents us well with all our retail and wholesale customers. He knows everyone and everyone knows and loves Elpidio. He always has a smile and something nice to say. Elpidio always has the customer in mind and wants to present the best of all our products.

Mark Sanderson Staff Photographer / Marketing - Social Media

mark1.jpgMark is a Connecticut based freelance photographer who captures all the activity and natural beauty here at RBF. He also does the majority of our social networking photos and web activity along with Sandi. Mark is available for Portrait sessions on the farm, as well as shooting your farm or local events. Mark has photos displayed locally at Birch Hill Tavern restaurant and several office buildings in the Hartford Area. His photos are for sale in the Scalehouse and on his website . Mark is a member of the Connecticut Professional Photographers of America – CTPPA.

Summer “Pick-Your-Own” and Stand Staff


Rose's Berry Farm: Our Crew 

Front Row: Lucy, Mary, Lauren B, Maddie, Katie, Kellyann, Alyssa, Chelsea, MaryJoan

Back Row: Jason, Tommy, Avery, Tyler, Ferris, Pedro, Shane and Kyle


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