​​​​Your Christmas Tree is a Special and Traditional Guest

Choosing and cutting your own fresh, quality Christmas tree is a festive and fun event for the entire family. Rose’s grows two different varieties of trees: Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce.

Upon arriving at the farm, a friendly staff member will provide you with a map of the farm and a saw if you require one. From the entrance, drive along the designated path to find the perfect tree! Another set of staff members will gladly bring your chosen tree back to the gift shop area where free netting and roping are provided.

  • This year our Christmas Tree season begins Saturday Nov 19th and ends Friday December 23rd.
    (Closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Day).
  • Our hours are Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 4:30 pm. After Thanksgiving, Friday, Saturday & Sundays.
  • The fields close to new customers at 4 pm each day.
  • We will be open the day after Thanksgiving (November 25th).
  • Please check our info line before coming at (860) 633-7467 in case there are any changes to
    our hours.
  • This year, trees are $55 each, any size, all trees must be paid for when tagged (no deposits)

Rose's offers "tree tagging", which means that you may select a tree early in the season (starting Nov. 19) prior to cutting the tree. When you wish to collect your tree, you may come back to the farm to cut the tree yourself, or with 24 hours notice, we can cut it for you.

Again, If you wish for us to cut your tagged tree for you, just call us at (860) 633-6001 at least 24 hours ahead of the pick-up and give us your last name and Tree Tag number.

Our Christmas Shop offers a wide variety of gifts, custom-made wreaths, gift baskets and farm-made pies, jams, fruit toppings,frozen berries and other gourmet items. We also have tree skirts, tree stands, and a variety of ornaments. We do our best to make this busy and festive time of year as convenient and enjoyable for you as possible.

Christmas Tree Info:

  • You may want to leave the tree outside overnight to make sure any living creatures have time to climb off Until you’re ready to bring the tree into the house. Keep it as cool as possible and in a bucket of water
  • When a tree is cut, sap is secreted from the cut and seals the pores of the tree. This is the reason why you must make a fresh cut ½ inch off the trunk immediately before you put it into your stand
  • Make sure that your stand is big enough to support the tree and hold plenty of water -
     if you initially add warm water with a 1/2 cup of sugar, this will help the tree last longer
  • Place the tree away from sources of heat (baseboard, fireplaces, radiators)
  • Add room temperature water to the stand everyday
  • Two to Three weeks is the maximum time your tree should be kept inside the house