Strawberry picking is easy and fun!

Our luscious berries are just waiting for you to pick, so plan to come back often, but remember, the season lasts only three to four weeks. Hours of operation are always subject to change due to weather conditions and crop availability.

Please call 860-633-7467 the day you plan to come, or check our FaceBook or twitter pages, to be certain we are open.

How to pick strawberries

  • Large or small, every red berry is ripe, luscious and ready-to-eat. So pick all the red ones you can find in your assigned row.
  • Green berries will not ripen after picking.
  • Look under the leaves of each strawberry plant to find the berries; pinch or pull stem from plant. Be sure to leave the stem on each berry.

Take 'em home

  • Remember, strawberries are perishable and need to be handled gently.
  • Protect the berries from sunlight... particularly in your car.
  • Take the berries straight home... don't leave them in a hot car.

Storing your strawberries...

  • Before storing or processing, sort berries; use the ripest ones first.
  • Place in shallow containers to prevent crushing.
  • Store immediately in refrigerator.
  • Do not rinse or remove stems until ready to serve or process.

A healthy treat

  • One cup fresh strawberries has only 55 calories... plus 88 mg of Vitamin C.
  • There is virtually no fat or sodium in strawberries, just natural fiber, natural sweetness and farm fresh flavor!

Strawberry Measurement Equivalents

  • 1 quart (1 L.) weighs about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pounds (675 to 750 g.) and will yield 4-5 servings.
  • 8 quarts (8 L.0 weighs 12 pounds (approximately 5 kg.)= 13 pints frozen
  • 1-1/2 quarts (6 cups.,1.5 L.) is needed for a 9'(22.5 cm.) pie.
  • 1 cup (250 mL.) sliced fresh berries=one 10 oz. (284 g.) package of frozen, sweetened berries

Freezing Strawberries

To freeze strawberries without sugar (for jam and other uses), fill freezer containers with prepared sliced, or washed and dried berries to within ½” of top. Combine 4 cups cold water with 1 tbsp. of lemon or lime juice and pour over berries before freezing. Seal, label and date.

To freeze strawberries in sugar syrup, fill freezer containers with prepared berries to within ½” of top. Combine 4 cups cold water with 4 cups sugar; stir to dissolve. Pour over berries. Seal, label and date. Allow 1-1/2 cups prepared fruit and 1/3 to ½ cups syrup per 1 pint container.

For long term storage of individual berries individual quick freezing is recommended. This will minimize the “mushiness” associated with freezing the berries. Strawberries can be frozen and safely kept for up to 1 year. Place the berries on flat trays in a single layer, well spaced out, and put into the coldest part of the freezer (the colder the better). Choose firm, ripe berries; wash in ice water before hulling. Carefully drain well on several layers of paper towels first. When frozen, store in quart or pint containers, or place in heavy freezer bags, tightly sealed. If freezer bags are used, try to suck out as much air as possible to minimize freezer burn.
Seal, label and date. These berries can be used individually, if desired for special desserts, on
cereals or as ice cubes in fancy drinks.

Please visit our recipes page for many delicious treats you can make yourself with our produce.

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